Selling M Farmall Parts

7 years 11 months ago - 7 years 11 months ago #3174 by bwest
over at e-bay i am selling several m parts. my seller name is blwestironfarm. if anyone lives close to me and wants to pick the items up feal free to contact me after your purchase. some items i have on there now are misc. chassis bolts, engine bolts, governor, brake spring, hydraulic resivior cap, throttle lever, air cleaner bracket, fan belt, oil gauge, hydaulic pump drive dog, brake lever, crank pully, and main bearing caps. some are ending very soon (forgot to tell you guys about them) others have several days left. my goal is to list at least six items on friday evening or saturday morning. when all parts from this m are listed i will be selling all unsold items as a group. so if you are interested in the group (don't what will be on it yet) let me know and i put you on a list to contact. what doesn't sell when i am done is going to the scrap yard. this thing is taking up room where i am going to be building a house in a few months!!!

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