190 diesel hand primer pump rebuild

2 years 9 months ago - 2 years 9 months ago #4642 by shea
i have rebuilt the hand primer using a bosch priimer used on newerr tractors.

Parts you will need:
bosch primer pump 2447010038
1/2" to 3/8" busching
1/2" pipe tap
thread sealer
my cost to rebuild was around $35

First remove the pump from the tractor.
it is better if you dismantle the entire pump to ensure you dont get shavings in the pump. but if you are careful you can minimize the shavings by stuffing a rag into the barrel of the pump.

remove the plunger from the barrel and remove the retaining cap.

i cut the barrel down to the two external grooves. you dont have to do this. i did it to gat a better barrel for tapping threads.

put the barrel assembly into a vice or something to hold it steady so you can use the 1/2" tap to add threads

tap the threads a little deeper than the length of the busching.
put some thread tape or pipe sealer on the bushing and screw it into the freshly tapped barrel.

tape up or put sealer on the bosch primer pump and screw it into the busching.

if you took the rest of the pump apart reassemble if not you are ready to reinstall on tractor.

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